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All the stories are about Jacob. He’s one of us. Depending on how he feels at the moment, he is between thirty-five and sixty years old, working and living in a small town somewhere in Germany. He is a loner, so he lives alone and is satisfied with it. Mostly. He sees problems where there are none and feels good when he doesn’t perceive the problems. He is indignant when he thinks he is being asked to be different from what he is.
He reads a lot and learns about things he stumbles upon every day. He thinks all the time. There are things that move him, or that could move him, and things he doesn’t want to know. One of his habits is to look into the distance. The best way to do this is to relax, calm down, think, ponder or get upset. Jacob philosophizes about daily life. He comes up with sentences that some scholars will use in the future. He falls into all human and inhuman traps. He fulfills all the clichés that were invented for him. He wants to break out of the daily wheel of his life and finds himself at the end of the day as the one who drives the wheel. He’s not playing with life. Life is playing with him. He’s a homeboy, a nerd, a smart-ass. Nevertheless, he is usually right. In some way, he’s like all of us. It’s unique.

About Stefan U. Frank

Stefan U. Frank is someone who enjoys observing people and
notices all kinds of obstacles and trifles in everyday life.
everyday interaction.
Stefan Frank:
born in 1951, traveled all over Germany for professional reasons before settling in Kiel in 2017. A quiet, humorous observer of his environment. His own thoughts and views are more important to him than running with the herd. As a youth, he had his first literary contact with the lyricist Eugen Roth(† April 28, 1976). His cheerful and thoughtful „Ein Mensch“ poems and stories inspired the author then as now. He says of himself: „I am not an egoist – rather a smart-ass!“
http://www.frank-in-kiel.de and http://bistro-kaikante.de